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COVID-19: Rhubarb and our sister agency are able to provide a growing list of UK, US and foreign language artists with home recording facilities.  Contact us for castings & availability.

To get the most effective and speedy voice solution just give us a brief stating the kind of voice job you have (e.g. commercial, promo, animation, game etc..), and the gender, voice age range and accent you need.  It also helps to know when you’re looking to record, so as to narrow down which artists are available right from the start of the casting process.

You might want to include audio and visual references (e.g. YouTube links, storyboards etc..) to give more definition to your search.

You may also want us to book studios on your behalf – this is often of use to our international clients.

In any case please rest assured that the depth and breadth of our talent base allows us to have a go at just about any brief, so don’t be shy!


If you are looking to join Rhubarb you should be aware that we only take on artists who have professional VO experience, or at least the requisite voice training – so if you’re lacking both please do not apply.

We only accept emailed applications (postal applications may not be processed), which should include your reel in mp3 format, a headshot and CV, sent to [email protected].  Foreign language artists should also be aware that we need to have sound not only in your native tongue, but in accented English as well.

Artists should supply voice reels that are of a professional standard – something home-made will most likely not be up to scratch, and won't be taken seriously.  Indeed, if you succeed in joining Rhubarb it's this reel that will be used to promote you to potential clients (at least initially). Consequently, we strongly advise you to work with a reputable showreel producer in making your reel, as they should be able to advise you as to your vocal strengths, and so tailor your reel effectively.

Please also note that we do not accept prospective artists dropping in for a chat without prior appointment.


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