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Adam Maxwell


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SCOTS. Actor. Urban yet heathery. Persuasively Scottish with a twinkle.

Adam was born in 
Glasgow and has a versatile Scots voice, which can switch with ease from wryly humorous, to mellow and heathery.  He first started as an actor while studying the law at University of Edinburgh, and after graduating he performed in comedy clubs before the greasepaint lured him to London and the rest is history! 

His TV credits include Dad in Best Friends (ITV), In Defence (Granada TV), PC Stone in Inspector MorseDS Eastman & Joe McKenna in The Bill (Thames TV), Peak Practice (Central), Brad in London Bridge (Carlton), Silent Witness, No Child Of Mine, Duncan in Sometime Never (Carlton), and Brodie in Roughnecks (BBC).  His film appearances include Carter in Shiner and the Concierge in Paparazzo.  He's also appeared in many commercials both here and abroad, including those for Cadbury's Roses,Capital Radio and Staples.

Adam's theatre credits include Jean in An Absolute Turkey (Gielgud Theatre) and Bluntshli in Arms And The Man (Hambury English Theatre).

His voice work includes several ads for his favourite wee dram Laphroaig, as well as many promos for the likes of Five, BBC TV, National Geographic, MTV and Pearson.  His corporates include those for Quantas Airlines, and his documentaries D-Day In Colour.