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Aidan Dooley


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Dooley 1 Minute Mix.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad The Swan Rathcoole Shopping Centre upbeat wry.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad The Swan Rathcoole Shopping Centre Xmas Sale chatty humorous.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad AXA Car Insurance light informative.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad Johnny Shaughnessy Builders Merchants chatty walter-mitty sell.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad Seamus Properties humorous OTT hard sell.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad Irish Spring Water wistful.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Ad The Dublin Hotel low relaxed.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Docu Waterford Crystal straight narr.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Docu History of Ireland low gentle narr.mp3 (Download | Play)

Dooley Play Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer (extract).mp3 (Download | Play)

IRISH. Lyrical, Light, Comedic. Flexible, lilting tones of moss, heather & Guinness.

Here is a southern Irish voice with all its accent ranges. He’s engagingly quirky and funny, to endearingly soft, lyrical and poetic.

He appeared in Philadelphia Here I Come (Wyndhams Theatre, West End) and Shakespeare\'s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (national tour).

For several years now he’s also been kicking up a storm with his one man show,
Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer (visit, which he has toured to wide acclaim in the UK, Ireland, the US and Australia.  The show has won Aidan a string of awards: ‘Best Solo Performance Award’ at the New York International Fringe Festival 2003; a ‘Best Actor’ nomination at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2003; ‘Fringe First Winner’ award at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival; a nomination for ‘Outstanding Solo Production’ at the Boston Theatre Critics 2006 Elliot Norton Awards; and ‘Best Theatre Work by Established Artiste’ at the 2007 Adelaide Fringe Award.

His voice work includes commercial recordings for Daz, Vicks Sinex and Charmin Ultra, documentaries for Carlton Television, and corporate pieces for Grant Engineering.

For further details visit his web site on, or give us a call.