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Steve Wilson


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LONDON / RP. BBC TV commentator - Match Of The Day, World Cup.

With over 20 years of commentaries on BBC1's flagship football programme, Match Of The Day, Steve Wilson has become one of TV sport's most familiar voices - heard and enjoyed by an audience of millions every weekend. 

Born in Merseyside, Steve has been part of the Match Of The Day team since joining BBC TV in 2002, and - following the retirement of John Motson - is now the programme's longest serving commentator.

2018 was a busy year for Steve.  The BBC chose him to be their lead commentator for the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea, and he commentated on thirteen games including England vs. Belgium at the World Cup Finals in Russia.  

Steve is also part of a select group of sports' broadcasters whose voice also crosses continents, as his commentaries are now also beamed to TV stations around the globe as part of the 'world feed' service provided by both UEFA and FIFA, who Steve will be representing with commentaries at the Women's World Cup Finals in 2019.

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Steve has commentated on six World Cup Finals, six 
European Championship Finals, two Olympic Games, a Commonwealth Games, as well as the African Cup Of Nations and Champions League Final for the BBC.  

Steve started his career with Capital Radio in 1990, winning the Sony Radio Gold Award and the New York Radio Awards Gold Medal for best sports programming.  From 1997 to 1998 Steve worked as a freelancer for Sky Sports, TWI, Talksport, and as the host voice for ESPN's renowned Sportscene International.  In 1998 he was recruited by BBC Sport and quickly become a regular on Radio Five Live, and soon on BBC TV where he has become a mainstay of the Corporation's football output. 

Steve's first book
 Match Of The Day 365 was published by Random House in 2015, and in 2018 he was shortlisted by the Football Supporters' Association for their prestigious Commentator Of The Year  award.

Steve has 
also visually represented a number of clients, including McDonalds, BT, Samsung and Barclays, hosting over a dozen launch events for their successful 'Spaces For Sports' campaign.  

His familiar voice has also been used in TV dramas and shows (e.g.
EastEndersFrank Stubbs Promotes, CBeebies and CBBC), films (e.g. Africa United) and commercials (TV & Radio - e.g. for Panasonic).

Examples of Steve's football commentary: