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Catrin Keeler


Audio Audio:

Keeler 2 Min Mix (2014).mp3 (Download | Play)

Keeler - Leeds Mix (Ad Aunt Bessies. Promo Emmerdale. Docu History of Yorks TV).mp3 (Download | Play)

Keeler - Scouse-Liverpool Mix (Ad Domestic Violence. Promo Channel 4. Docu Liverpool Culture).mp3 (Download | Play)

Keeler - Birmingham Mix (Ad (Download | Play)

Keeler - Welsh Mix (Ad Visit Wales. Promo BBC1. Sports News).mp3 (Download | Play)

NORTHERN / MIDLANDS. Bubbly and versatile with bags of fun and frolic!

Catrin is a very capable and versatile artist with an unusually versatile set of native accents (she moved around a lot in her early years), including those from the North West of England and Liverpool / Scouse.  She also has accents good enough to be native for South Wales, Yorkshire, the West Midlands (including Birmingham and the Black Country), and the West Country. 

On TV she's presented LIVING's Most Haunted Live and Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns.  Her other appearances include a military operative in a Bravo promo for The Unit, a prostitute/victim in Sky One's Vic Reeves Investigates ... Jack The Ripper, Dolly Dabber in
FTN's Bingo Lotto and a testimonial for JML WetStraight Pro hair straighteners on Sky Shopping Channel!

On stage she's played Phoebe in Magical Thinking (Mother Studios), and Jack in Jack And The Beanstalk (Partytime Productions, touring).

Cat's voice experience thus far is primarily in continuity announcing and promos.  Her clients include The Travel Channel (continuity & promos), Channel One (formerly Virgin 1 - live and pre-recorded continuity - self scripted), LIVING (promos), and the Community Channel (promos & continuity).  She has a strong understanding of the technical/IT side of self-production, including experience using the Pharos system.  In addition she has recorded a number of corporate pieces for Venalink and De Montfort University,
infomercials for the Royal Horticultural Society and Thomas Cook, and commercials for Vodafone and COI/Construction Skills.