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Leona Graham


Audio Audio:

Graham New Reel (2015) (Download | Play)

Graham Ad IKEA - intimate yet upbeat (Download | Play)

Graham Ad Argos friendly upbeat.mp3 (Download | Play)

Graham Promo On Demand-Melita 'The Smurfs' - upbeat kids sell.mp3 (Download | Play)

Graham Promo On Demand 'About Time' - movie promo read.mp3 (Download | Play)

Graham Continuity Mix (VO only, no backing sound) (Download | Play)

Graham Docu Ice Road Truckers - taboid narr (Download | Play)

Graham Docu MTV Metallica rock journo read.mp3 (Download | Play)

Graham Docu Criminal Millionaires street newsread.mp3 (Download | Play)

Video Videos:

Leona Graham - Promo On Demand Club Melita (VO) ( Play)

Leona Graham - AC DC Interview ( Play)

LONDON. Absolute Radio DJ. Warm Husky, chocolatey, trendy, sexy, silky, friendly, natural.

Leona has an extensive pedigree of work in radio presenting, not to mention an exhaustive list of VO clients.

Currently she presents a daily show on Absolute Radio hosting their mid-morning show, as well as the
UK's no.1 commercial digital station Absolute 80s hosting drivetime, and Absolute Classic Rock in the evenings.  Prior to this she was the station voice on other leading UK stations including BBC Radio One, 5 Live, 95.8 Capital FM and the GWR group.

Her VO work includes promos for
BBC1, BBC2, BBCPrime, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, Channel 4, E4, Sky One, On Demand, MTV, Discovery, Sci Fi and Living.  She has also been 'the voice' of a number of different channels and programmes including Travel Deals Direct (Travel Channel), The Nokia Green Room (Channel 4), Sport On 4 (Channel 4), D-Mac (Discovery), British Eurosport, GWR Radio, MTV Mash and The Box (music television).

Her commercial VOs include numerous music album and concert ads for artists such as Tina Turner, Danni Minogue, Sting, and Fantasia House, as well as for advertisers including Film Four, Living TV, Max Factor, Airwaves,, and

She has also recorded a number narratives including corporate pieces for Green King (brewers), and documentaries Nokia Green Room, From Flab to Fab, The One Hit Wonder's, Secret World Of Swingers, Top 40 Rock Star Girlfriends (all for MTV / VH1) and Passengers (Channel 4).