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Frances White


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RP / YORKSHIRE. Your favourite naughty Aunt. Great stories. Firm voice in velvet wraps.

Frances has RP, Yorkshire (native) and Southern Irish accents.

She left the Central School of Speech & Drama with four awards, and has since played in well over 200 roles on TV (many of them leads) which earned her the soubriquet "the thinking man’s crumpet"!  

Her TV work includes the comedy series A Very Peculiar Practice and Nobody’s Perfect, but she’s probably best known for the seven series of May To December where she starred as Miss Flood.  Other TV work includes Elizabeth O’Connor in Courtroom (Mersey TV), Trevor’s Mum in Trevor’s World Of Sport (Hat Trick), Game On!, Miss Peppard in Dawn French
's Wild West (BBC), Holby City (BBC), Doctors (BBC), Mrs Brandage in Hearts And Bones (BBC), Dangerfield (BBC), Out Of Sight (Carlton TV), The Last Salute (BBC), The Unknown Soldier (Carlton TV), Peak Practice (Central TV), Thieftakers (Carlton TV), Wycliffe (HTV), I, Claudius (BBC) and Doctor Who (BBC). 

Frances' movie include Screamer, Mary Queen Of Scots, Press For Time and The Pumpkin Eater.

On stage
Frances was Laura in The Trouble With Old Lovers (Basingstoke Haymarket Theatre), in A Severed Head (West End) and was The Woman in Ira Levin’s Veronica’s Room (Basingstoke).

Her voice work includes numerous documentary recordings including Seconds From Disaster (National Geographic),
Hiroshima (BBC1), Hitler Youth, and The History Of The SS.  She is also the voice of Grandma Pig in the pre-school animation series Peppa Pig – which won the 2005 BAFTA Award for Best Pre-School Animation and is now in production for its third series.