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Marta Gonzalez


Audio Audio:

Spanish Gonzalez Promo ITV ironic airport announcement style Engl.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Gonzalez Ad Nike low soft sell Sp.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Gonzalez Corporate & Promos straight Sp.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Gonzalez Docu Narration straight Sp.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Gonzalez Storytelling narration & characters Sp.mp3 (Download | Play)

SPANISH. Scriptwriter, actress & VO.

Marta is Spanish and also fluent in French and English, with a wide range of Spanish accents besides her native Castilian, including Argentinean, Colombian, Cuban and Mexican. Her voice is equally versatile - young to old, high to low, sweet/sensual to bitch/witch/authoritarian.

She is an actress with experience in feature film, theatre and major TV drama.  She is also a scriptwriter for entertainment TV programs.

She’s had a number of TV (in-vision) commercials such as those for Enron, Pulsar Kinetic, Jazzfree and Duralex.

Her voice work includes lots of ADR/dubbing (e.g. The World Is Not Enough, Sexy Beast), TV promos (e.g. TNT, TCM, Cartoon Network, ITV), animation characters (e.g. Cuentos y Leyendas, Channel 4), games characters (e.g. OutRun 2), and toy female character voices (e.g. Star Wars and ET toys). 

She’s also voiced commercials (e.g. Kenwood, Virgin, Sony IQTV, New Polaroid – Spice Girls, Eukanuba, Go, FT, The Guardian, Gonzalez Byass, Citroen, Ford), and corporate recordings (e.g. training course for Avis and Globalnet).

Marta has also voiced audio dramas and language courses on CD-ROM for BBC, The Open University,
Cambridge University and Oxford University.