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Matthijs Dijkstra


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DUTCH. Experienced actor, voice artist and translator.

Matthijs is a Dutch artist, trained at the Chrysalis Theatre Acting School in London.  

His film and TV credits include appearances in
Hoffman's Hunger, Does That Hurt, and The Knock (series 2).

In theatre he has international experience performing in plays including The Fisherman & His Soul (UK tour), The Soul's Awakening (international tour), Othello, The Importance, Merchant Of Venice, Anthony & Cleopatra, Macbeth, Taming Of The Shrew, The Butterfly, Sex & Sadness, Private Lives, The Bear, Twelfth Night, Hedda Gabler (Budapest), King Leah and The Magic Flute.

His voice work is well varied.  He has recorded promos and continuity for Eurosport, NBC-Superchannel, Children's Channel, Discovery Channel and TNT, and his corporate clients include Marks & Spencer, Rank Xerox, Ford, IBM, Du Pont, BMW, Honda, ICI, Holiday Inn and Apple Computers.  He's recorded commercials for Amstrad, C&A, Cointreau, Citroen, BMW, United Airlines and Heineken, and a movie trailer for Rob Roy.  His ADR/dubbing experience includes Dutch recordings for Soldier, Soldier, Jo Brand's Through The Cake Hole and Pierce Brosnan's Nightwatch.  In addition he has considerable experience in voicing CD-ROMs, audio tours and character voicing.