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Jules de Jongh


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De Jongh Docu Dino Saw Us - kids educational read.mp3 (Download | Play)

USA. Sunny California girl with accents across States & globe. Intuitive & responsive actress with endless characters including children. Skilled in improvisation.

Jules is a highly experienced and versatile artist with just about every American accent around - valley girl to hillbilly, Bronx to Hispanic.  She is repeatedly cast to voice characters with global accents such as British, Russian and Japanese.  She can also voice across the ages and genders, playing young girls and boys, through to senior citizens, and even Elvis!

Jules was born and raised in
California, and trained as an actress at The California Institute of the Arts (founded by Walt Disney), with a special interest in languages, dabbling in French, German and Spanish.  In addition to acting, Jules is a TV and BBC radio presenter as well as an accomplished singer and script writer.

As a voice artist she is best known as a character voice specialist of considerable virtuosity and versatility. 
She keeps herself very busy bringing animation characters to life - her recent series include Angelina Ballerina Next Steps (Hit Entertainment), Thomas and Friends (Hit Entertainment), Lucky Fred (Imira / Disney), Skunk Fu (Cartoon Saloon), Chop Socky Chooks (Aardman), Bunny Maloney (Telegael), Groove High (Planet Nemo), Zorro Generation Z (BKN), Poppy Cat (King Rollo) and Tinga Tinga Tales (Tiger Aspect).

She regularly contributes to game recordings - some of her critically acclaimed titles include: Mirror's Edge, Age of Conan, Kill Zone 2, The Witcher, Overlord 2,
Batman; Arkham Asylum, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Little Big Planet 2.

Jules has also voiced a wide range of commercial campaigns for advertisers including Diet Coke, Sky One (radio), Living TV (radio), OK Magazine, The Guardian newspaper, Pokerstars, VISA, Microsoft, Britvic's J2O,
TGI Fridays and EA Games.

In addition she's recorded promos for Five US, corporates for Alcatel-Lucent and Sony, and several documentaries including British Empire In Colour (TW I /Carlton), Terror in Moscow (CBS 60 Minutes), Seconds From Disaster (National Geographic / Darlow Smithson) and Virtual History (Tiger Aspect).

For more information on Jules do contact us, or visit her web site