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Kristiane Backer


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GERMAN. TV presenter, journalist, copywriter and voice artist.

Kristiane is fluent in German and English, together with competent French.  She was born in Hamburg, Germany, and began her professional life at 21 on joining Radio Hamburg as a radio journalist.  Two years later she had moved to London to work for MTV Europe, thus began her jet-set career riddled with celebrities and high profile events.

She has been awarded with the German Golden Camera and two Golden Ottos.

She has presented and interviewed on a number of projects including the Coca Cola Report, the European Top Ten and MTV @ The Movies – all for MTV Europe, The Ticket for NBC, Le Mans 24 hour race in France for Audi, Sony Music’s Dance Party 1-5, several Bravo events for RTL, the Echo Music Awards in Cologne and many more.  More recently she presented the launch of the new Oki printer in
Prague, the new Pirelli Calendar, the VW Nick Nickel Gala & Awards ceremony in Würzenburg, and the World Architecture Awards in Berlin.

Outside of presenting her voice work includes film ADR/dubbing for The Other End Of The World, computer games voicing for OutRun 2, and promos for Virgin Radio (now Absolute).

Kristiane's other great passion is homeopathy, having studied and practised it for several years.  Her crowning achievement here was becoming qualified with the Assocation of Registered Homeopaths.