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Todd Kramer


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Kramer Documentary 'Al Entisar Ship of Hope' - downcast read.mp3 (Download | Play)

Kramer Animation Mix - multiple characters.mp3 (Download | Play)

Video Videos:

Kramer - Grants Whisky 'IOU' TVC (VO - wry!) (Download | Play)

Kramer - Video Reel (Download | Play)

USA. Funny & versatile actor and VO.

Todd is a native of USA, holding a BA in Theatre Arts from LMU Los Angeles, and is a graduate of The Groundings Improvisational School in Hollywood.  He has a considerable list of credits on film, small screen, stage and voiceover, working in LA, Prague and London.  He has a great range of North American deliveries.

On stage his credits include roles in Glengarry Glenn-Ross (Roma) and Macbeth (Macduff) and
Old Faithful (Ulman), these during his time in Prague.  His LA performances include roles in The Tempest (Trinculo), The Rhimers Of Eldridge (Josh) and The Pirates Of Penzance (Sergeant).

On screen he's had parts in Partition (
Griffin), Solomon Kane (Raider), ), Abel (Skewllant), Hannibal Rising (Desk Officer), Tristan And Isolde (Witseth), Pterodactyl (Clark), Hellboy (Radioman) and The Rise Of Hitler (Hitler's Prison Guard).

His VOs include commercials for Grant's Whisky, Axe Body Gel, Kodak and Vodaphone.  His narrative voice work includes corporate pieces for Bacardi and Grant's Whisky, and documentary narration for Badass Animals (National Geographic Channel), The Man Who Changed Shanghai and Al Entisar. 

Todd has also voiced numerous characters for games including Arma: Queen's Gambit, Arma II, Gooka II: The Mystery Of Janatris and Driver, as well as animation characters, most recently for Black Lex: Internet Backer.  He's also has ADR / lip-sync experience, initially relating to his own on-screen work, and more recently for World War Z, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, 7 Psycopaths, Veepe (TV series), and even
BBC News.

Outside of all this Todd is an avid sportsman, a stand-up comedian, a writer, and he plays a mean harmonica!