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Aletta Lawson


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German Lawson Ad Mercedes smooth low Engl.mp3 (Download | Play)

German Lawson 1 Minute German Mix (Ad Soya Drink. Corporate Interdean).mp3 (Download | Play)

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German Lawson child voices mix - English accented characters.mp3 (Download | Play)

German Lawson Character witch Engl.mp3 (Download | Play)

GERMAN. Experienced actress and voice artist.

She is a native German, speaking standard German (Hochdeutsch) with many other dialects available, but bilingual with English, having a wide range of English regional accents.  Her voice is warm, extremely versatile and vibrant.  She specialises in children and teenage voices (boys and girls).

Theatre credits include title roles in Lady From The SeaThe Widowing of Mrs Holroyd (both at New End Theatre, Hampstead), Miss Julie (Edinburgh Festival), Mother Courage (in German in 
Cardiff), Twelfth Night (Richmond Theatre) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (ColiseumOldham). Aletta also voiced 21 animal voices for the Theatre production of Doctor Dolittle with Julie Andrews and Philip Shofield  (Apollo, Hamersmith).

She also has considerable experience in the music industry, her career having started here as the lead singer-song-writer of the rock band Saturnalia, touring all over the UK, headlining at the famous 'Rainbow' venue, and recording the LP Magical Love, which is still a part of the German cult scene. Since then she has been involved in many musicals such as HairGodspell and Joseph And His Coat Of Many Colours.

Aletta has extensive VO experience and has recorded hundreds of corporates (e.g. Britannia Airways), commercials (e.g. National Geographic Channel) and narratives.  She has performed radio dramas (e.g. for the BBC), as well as cartoons (e.g. The Rings), and games (e.g. Sega's Virtua TennisOutRun 2).  She is also excellent in ADR/lip-synching, with lots of work on films (e.g. Schindler's ListRemains of The DayGoldeneyeThe Madness of King George III), TV shows (e.g. Inspector MorsePoirotThe Young Sherlock Holmes), and documentaries (e.g. The Biographer).