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Alex Madia


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Italian Madia 2 Minute Mix (ads.promos) - Italian.mp3 (Download | Play)

Italian Madia Storytelling Pinocchio narr & characters - Italian.mp3 (Download | Play)

ITALIAN. Experienced actor and VO.

Alex has fluent Italian (native), English, French and Spanish.  In his native Italian his accents vary from standard to any Italian region. 

He was formerly a radio music show presenter on the Radio Punto Network (Italian mainstream broadcast station) and then spent three years acting in a professional theatre company touring
Italy.  Since then he has set up shop in London and has become a highly experienced voice artist having recorded on just about every platform of the spoken word, both for Italian and UK markets.

Alex has voiced promos and continuity for Hallmark, Discovery Channel, MTV Italy, Bloomberg TV and ESPN Classic.  His commercials include those for Peroni Beer, X-Box, Intel, Vodafone, Illy Caffe Worldwide,
Toyota, Opel, Canon Digital Cameras, Swatch, BNP Paribas, Coin Shopping Malls, the Australian Tourist Board, the Egyptian Tourist Board, and the Korean Tourist Board. 

His straight reads include corporate voice work for the Spanish Tourist Board, museum guides for
Glastonbury and the talking telescopes of London, and various Italian language courses including BBC Access.  He’s also voiced numerous characters for computer games, including Medieval Battles, Marine, Space Battle, Treasure Island and Jackie Chan Martial Arts, as well as animation shows such as Pipo and Bob The Fireman.  Furthermore, Alex has dubbed characters in Beyond The Sea and MTV’s The Cribs.