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Brigitte de Man


Audio Audio:

Flemish De Man Newsread UK Govt Anti-Smoking - English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Flemish De Man Ad Knack Magazine - Flem.mp3 (Download | Play)

Flemish De Man Character Nijntje - Flem.mp3 (Download | Play)

Flemish De Man Drama Magda betrayed by her husband - Flem.mp3 (Download | Play)

Flemish De Man Drama Rita exited woman - Flem.mp3 (Download | Play)

FLEMISH. Experienced Belgian actress, presenter and voice artist.

Brigitte is fluent in Flemish (Dutch), French and English.  Besides her appearances in several theatre, TV and film productions in Belgium, Brigitte is an experienced presenter and voice artist.

Some of her voice work includes commercials for Calgon, Danone-Activia, Niquitin, Nicorette, Pampers, and Dash washing powder, together with ADR/dubbing for 26 episodes of Good Luck Charley (sitcom for Disney), commentaries, narration and corporate pieces.

She also does a lot of translation work - from English to Flemish - mostly for stage plays.