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Alix Wilton Regan


Audio Audio:

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Video Videos:

Wilton Regan - Visual Commercial Voicereel Mix (TVCs, promos, sponsorship) (Download | Play)

Wilton Regan - Visual Character Voicereel Mix (games & animation) (Download | Play)

Wilton Regan - Dragon Age Inquisition game interview - SpitTake (parody) (Download | Play)

Wilton Regan - Promo Sky Arts - THE SEVENTIES (VO only) (Download | Play)

Wilton Regan - Acting Reel (2018) (Download | Play)

RP / LONDON. Sunny & bright, cool & collected. A girl for all seasons.

Alix is an award-winning actress who trained at Drama Studio London, where she won two Special Commendation Awards at the BBC Radio Carlton Hobbs Competition.  She has native RP and London deliveries, is fluent in French (Lycee educated from the age of 4) and competent in Spanish.  Accents include US (Standard, NYC, LA, Mid-West), Irish (Northern & Southern), Scottish and South African.  Alix has an exceptionally good ear for accents and her voice age range is late teens to 30s.

Voice work to date includes the lead roles or characters in computer games such as Assassin's Creed: Origins (Ubisoft), Warhammer: Vermintide II (FatShark), Divinity Original Sin: Parts I & II (Larian Studios), Dragon Age: Inquisition (BioWare - multi-award winning: DICE Awards Game Of The Year, IGN Awards Critic's Choice & People's Choice), Dragon Age: Origins (EA), Dragon Age: Awakenings (EA), Mass Effect 3 (BioWare), ZombieU (Ubisoft), The Last Story (Nintendo) and Risen (Piranha Bytes / Deep Silver) - all highly acclaimed, award winning multi-platform games.  Alix's success in gaming brought about her presenting the Best British Game Award at the BAFTA Games Awards 2015, and the Best Evolving Game Award in 2018.  This success continued with three of her lead-voicing games being nominated for BAFTA Game Awards in 2018: Divinity: Original Sin II (WINNER for Best Multiplayer Game), Total War: Warhammer II (for Best British Game) and Assassin's Creed: Origins (for Game Of Year).

Additionally, Alix has voiced characters on Cartoon Network's Emmy & BAFTA Award winning TV show The Amazing World Of Gumball (now in it's 6th season), along with their other cartoon hit Apple And Onion.

Alix has voiced commercial campaigns for clients such as Diet Coke (featuring Jean Paul Gautier), MTV Europe Music Awards, Sony McArthur Glen, Lancome, Nintendo, Furniture Village,, Avon (featuring Yasmin Le Bon), National Geographic, The Open University,, The British Red Cross and IHG to name a few.  Additionally, she has voiced promos for Sky Living, A&E Lifetime (UK & South Africa), MTV, and was the continuity writer and voice of Fox TV (2011-2013) and Comedy Channel (2012-13).  She also has experience as a writer / translator, French to English and English to French, for Pure Alchemy (a French cosmetics company) and has delivered French VOs for  More recently you may have caught her as the sat-nav voice infuriating John Cleese's Basil Faulty in the recent Specsavers ad!

Alix's extensive acting career includes work in film, theatre, TV and radio.  Film highlights include playing Glenn Close and Jonathan Price's daughter, and Max Iron's sister, in the upcoming feature film The Wife, and Alice (lead) opposite Rutger Hauer in Real Playing Game.  Most recent TV highlights include Sabine Baxendale in Crossing Lines (Series 2, NBC America), and Tessa Dugdale in New Tricks (BBC One).  Other roles include Francoise in Come Fly With Me opposite David Walliams and Matt Lucas, Michelle Mae in Hustle, Clare Brickell in Casualty, Sophie Welling (series regular) in Bombshell, Josie Pke in The Bill, and Annalise (in French) in Doctors.  Theatre highlights include King Lear opposite Jonathan Price (Almeida).

Alix's work for BBC Radio 4 Drama includes the leading roles of Louise Cazalet in the 5-part series The Cazalets, and Tatiana in Eugene Onegin.  She has also recorded several audio books for the Dr Who series (Big Finish).

For more information please contact Rhubarb, or visit her website