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Stephane Cornicard


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FRENCH. Actor & VO. One Take Wonder (or so they say..).

Actor, voice artist and TV producer for Turner Classic Movies.

Stéphane was born in
Normandy in 1964 and started acting at the age of 8.  At 16, he wrote his first play The Fates in the Park and at 18, he became President of the Theatre du Jeune Océan. Age 20, he won a scholarship to study drama at Colby College, USA.  He then left France for 2 years… and never got back!

His recent film and TV credits include Colditz, Saving Private Ryan, Flight 007, Deadly Voyage, Sean Devereux, The Dying of the Light, The Bill, The Knock and Sharpe's Revenge.

Stéphane's theatre credits include Les Rendez-vous d'Eva, Les Affections Opportunistes, Boris, Les jours augmentent d'une heure trente et une, Minna von Barnhelm, and Minuit a quatorze heure.

His voice work includes lots of games including OutRun 2, Syphon Filter I, II & III, Metal Gear I, Drakan, Mech Commander I & II, Mech Warrior, Spyro I, II & III, Star Wars, Vikings, Tombi, Chase The Express, Starlancer, Flying Heroes, Red Storm, Colony Wars, Battle Of Britain, Fantavision, Casino, Chinese Dynasty, Smugglers Run, Halcyon Sun, Monte Christo, ONI and Shadowman II.  He’s also recorded commercials for Stella Artois and British Airways, documentary re-voicing for CBS 60 Minutes, and corporate narrations for Sony.