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Stanley Townsend


Audio Audio:

Townsend 1 Minute Mix.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Promo Channel 4 Cannibal sinister docu style - English-RP.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Promo BBC Fight Club - English-RP.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Promo Nickelodeon Avatar Game fast excitable - English-RP.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Promo Five - Cops On The Box - Cockney.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Promos Film Four Mix - US.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Ad (Movie) Batman Returns - Trans-Atlantic.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Ad BA & Classic FM - Irish.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Ad Guinness - I Believe... chatty light friendly - Irish.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Ad Bidup.TV Barry White impression - US.mp3 (Download | Play)

Townsend Docu Liberia Civil War - US.mp3 (Download | Play)

Video Videos:

Townsend C4 Promo - Turner Prize (low RP VO) (Download | Play)

Townsend C4 Promo - 4 News The Budget (RP serious docu VO) (Download | Play)

Townsend - Zen TV series (BBC One) (Download | Play)

Townsend Ad Guinness - I believe ... ironic rant - Irish (Download | Play)

IRISH / RP / US. Seismic base. Mega cinema & Deep promos. Whiskey matured in bog oak. Think Orson! 'Cars 2', 'The Libertine', 'In The Name Of The Father'.

Stanley is from Dublin, and has lived in New York where he has extended family.  Accents range from Southern Irish to Standard & East Coast American to cockney and RP.

On stage he's currently playing The Earl of Kent in Sam Mendes' modern dress take of King Lear (The National).  He was Dr Harry Hyman in Arthur Miller's Broken Glass, opposite Antony Sher & Tara Fitzgerald (The Vaudeville, West End), and performed opposite Helen Mirren in Jean Racine's Phèdre (The National, and broadcast live to 50 cinemas across the UK).  Other roles include Otto Fallon in David Hare's Gethsemane (The National, Cottesloe Theatre), Rick Pack in Remember This, Finbar in The Weir, Ivan in Art, Big Julie in Guys & Dolls and The Prisoner in Who Shall Be Happy.  He received a Best Actor Nomination in the 2004 Evening Standard Theatre Awards, for John in Conor McPherson
's  Shining City.

On film his many roles include Danny Machin in Killing Bono, Tramp in Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky, Garda Hourican in Isolation, Keown in The Libertine, Irving Gold in Suzie Gold, Byrnes in Dot.Kill, Victor Wiseman in Wonderous Oblivion, Mickey
Mac in Mystics, Matapan in Station Jim, and Hooker's Driver in In The Name Of The Father.

Stanley's recent TV appearances include John Frobisher in Fresh Meat, mobster boss Bulkat Babur  in The Shadow Line (
BBC One), Moscati , Rufus Sewell's angry boss in Zen (BBC One), and restaurateur Angelo in Sherlock (BBC One).  He was also Mick in He Kills Coppers (ITV1), Saddam Hussein in Saddam's Tribe (lead role, Channel 4), Charlie Carrick in Rough Diamond series (BBC One), D.I. Bailey in Waking The Dead, and King Philip of Spain in The Virgin Queen.  Other appearances include Spooks, Proof, Hustle, Wire In The Blood, Heartbeat, Ballykissangel, Jonathan Creek, A Touch Of Frost, and The Governor.  More recently he was Inspector Hackett opposite Gabriel Byrne and Nick Dunning in the mini-series Quirke, Anatol Stolnavich in 24: Live Another Day (Sky One), and we'll soon be seeing him as the King of Valencia in the new series of Galavant (UK based ABC series).

His voice work also keeps him very busy.  He's voiced promos for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon,
TCM, MTV, Discovery, National Geographic, FX, Animal Planet, CNN, Reality TV, Sky, Sci-Fi, BBC Worldwide, BBC1, UKTV, Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film Four and Five.  His commercials include campaigns for TK Maxx, Guinness, Lenor, Viatel, Head & Shoulders, Domestos and Riverdance, as well as lots of movie ads like The Book Of Eli, Final Destination IV, Paranormal Activity, Avatar, Oliver Stone's W, Paradise Lost, Death Sentence, History Of Violence, Domino, Kingdom Of Heaven, Monster In Law, Saw, The Village, Dawn Of The Dead, Alien and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He's recorded corporates for
BBC, British Airways and IBM, and documentaries including The Life Of Philip Lynott (Thin Lizzie), and re-voicing for National Geographic's Seconds From Disaster, and he was the 'Voice of God' acts announcer for Wembley's Live Earth concert 2007.  His character voicing covers games The Witcher, Guild 2, Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire (voicing Mad-Eye Moody), Spartan: Total Warrior, Grey Goose and Powerdrome, as well as lots of ADR/dubbing such as on Roland Joffe's There Be Dragons, Hell Boy 2, Two Brothers and Lord Of The Rings.  More recently he's voiced the Victor Hugo, Vladimir Trunkov and Ivan The Tow Truck characters in Cars 2.  His audiobooks including Declan Hughes' books The Dying Breed (nominated for the 2010 Audies Awards) and All The Dead Voices