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Jessica Juffre


Audio Audio:

Italian Juffre 90 Second Mix Ads & Narr - English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Italian Juffre 90 Second Mix Ads & Narr - Italian.mp3 (Download | Play)

ITALIAN. Experienced voice artist.

Jessica is an artist with an impressive pedigree of work spanning over the last 15 years in voiceovers alone. 

Her VO experience includes many commercials and corporate pieces - clients including Heinz, Martini, Anchor, American Express, Dolmio, Polaroid, Ferragamo Perfum and Carapelli Olive Oil.

Her ADR/dubbing work includes voicing parts in such classics as The English Patient, Wings Of A Dove and The Portrait Of A Lady.

Jessica has also voiced many characters in a range of computer games, including Spyro and Metal Gear, allowing her to show off her breadth of voice age and delivery - from little boys to old women!