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David Menkin


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Norwedian Menkin 90 Second Mix - Engl & Nor.mp3 (Download | Play)

NORWEGIAN. Up and coming actor and VO. The voice of Norway's TV3 and Jetix, as well as Discovery Kids.

David is an experienced artist screen, stage and sound booth.  He is Norwegian and also speaks fluent Swedish, not to mention a fine RP.  He trained at New York University (Collaborative Arts Project) and the Mountview Theatre School.

His film and TV appearances include roles in Octane (Four Horsemen/Buena Vista), Wit (HBO), and Operation Good Guys (

In theatre has had credits in Purlie (Bridewell Theatre), Grease (Pattichion Theatre Cyprus), Grab Me A Gondola (Just The Ticket
Productions), Passion (Bridewell Theatre), Twelfth Premise (Louder Than Words), Great Scott (Bridewell Theatre), Cinderella (Millionth Muse Prod's), and Shakespeare Celebrations (Globe Theatre).  More recently he was performing in the Reduced Shakespeare Company's 'Completely Hollywood - Abridged' on national tour.

David's VO work has been both plentiful and varied.  Recent commercials include those for Lion Bar, EMI (The Best of the Beach Boys), Oxy Gel, The Premiership on ITV, Ministry Of Sound (MOS: Club Nation America), European Central Bank (The Euro - Launch), Disney Channel, Paramount (One To Watch) and TV Shop (Quick 'n' Brite).  David's promo recordings include those for Discovery Kids USA, E4 (Big Thursday), Showtime, Viasat Explorer, Jetix, and Cartoon Network.

He also has corporate VO experience with clients ranging from McKinsey and Exxon, to Ford and
SAP.  He's also voiced a number of characters for games, titles including Nike Eyetoy: Kinetic (Sony), Alias (Acclaim), Spring Break Beach Volleyball (Acclaim), and Bad Boys 2 (Acclaim).