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Carolle Rousseau


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FRENCH. Experienced actress & VO.

After her training as an actress in Paris, Carolle's theatre career started at the Royal Shakespeare Company as Katherine in Henry V.  She went on to work in films and television appearing in Tenko, The Saint, The Glittering Prizes, Crossroads, Love Among The Artists, Partners In Crime and Jane Eyre.

She has worked on BBC TV educational series and developed an extensive career as a voice artist.

Her voice work includes commercials for Eurostar, Polaroid (France), Weight Watchers (France), Toblorone, Greenpeace (France), Bloomberg TV (France), Dolce Vita (Christian Dior), Heritage (Guerlain), Boursin, Lou Lou, Alliance (Germany), Chiquita Bananas (Sky & Europe), Clear Blue (France & Canada), PAM (France), The Observer, Saturday Express, French Tourist Board, Air France, Cafe Flo, Bistro Bistrot and MTV (France). 

She's also voiced promos for ITV1 and BBC UK Style, as well as numerous game characters for OutRun 2 and Virtual Tennis.  In addition she's recorded documentaries, corporate recordings, educational pieces, ADR/dubbing, animation and radio plays.