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Eliud Gabriel Porras


Audio Audio:

Spanish Porras Ad Old El Paso Mex-English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Ad Toyota Celica English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Ad Walls Solero sexy English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Ad Sedal Duo Shampoo Spanish.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Movie Promo True Lies Spanish.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Narration Santa Evita English.mp3 (Download | Play)

Spanish Porras Corporate CFM Jet Engines Spanish.mp3 (Download | Play)

SPANISH. Experienced Latin American voice artist

Eliud is an experienced artist from
Mexico. He works in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

He has a voice that has often been described as "chocolatey with
midnight overtones", but that can also stretch to bring cartoon characters to life.

's VO work covers a wide range of media and product lines. He has voiced campaigns for such products as Toyota Celica, Jaguar Motors, Match Of The Century and BBC Knowledge, and made numerous recordings for Radio 3, Radio 4, BBC World Service and Sky TV.

His commentary and narration jobs include Gillette World Sport, Dorling-Kindersley and E-vision (The Economist), and he has recorded several games for Sega.