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Ian Pike


Audio Audio:

South African Pike 3 Min Mix - S-Afri English & Afrikaans.mp3 (Download | Play)

South African Pike English RP - LWT Promo & photo snaps narr.mp3 (Download | Play)

AFRICAN. Experienced Southern African voice artist & actor.

A native of both Zimbabwe and South Africa, he has worked across the board in commercial, corporate and feature film work. His friendly voice makes him equally in demand for RP and dialect work in the UK.

His TV and film work includes Friday On My Mind (
BBC), Return To Blood River (BBC), Dust Devil (Palace Pictures), Hoof Beats (United Films), Emmerdale, Casualty, and The Fear (BBC Choice - on which he was also one of the writers), and Mike Bassett Manager.

As well as an actor Ian was a stand-up comedian, which lead ultimately into script writing - creating his own series, in animation, comedy and drama.  These include several sitcoms: New Devil-New Danger (Channel 4), set in Hell, satirising the first four years of Tony Blair and New Labour; Stick The Kettle On (Comedy Unit, Glasgow); Up The Duff (ITV), about a couple who loath each other but are forced together by the imminent arrival of their baby.  Additionally he was one of the regular writers for Hollyoaks & Hollyoaks Let Loose (Mersey Television - over 50 episodes), a spin-off to Hotel Babylon, several episodes of the series Yo! Diary! (
BBC), and the interactive animation drama Fictionlab (BBC), and he's still got lots of other projects in development, predominantly in British comedy, drama and kids TV.

His voice-over work includes commercials for Food Channel (
Africa) and Pampers Nappies (South Africa), and corporate pieces for Abbey National, Pearl Assurance, The DSS, British Telecom, Barclays Bank, Cable & Wireless, Commercial Union and AKT Productions.  He has also done multimedia work for Longmans Educational and animation voicing for JP Jones Adventures in the Future and The Wiltons (Dave Edwards Animation Studio).

For many years Ian has also run various workshops and master classes in acting, writing and comedy across
Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

If you'd like further information please get in touch with us, or visit his site: