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Pilar Orti


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SPANISH. Experienced actress and voice artist.

Pilar is bilingual in Spanish and English, with a vocal range from soft and warm to dynamic and vibrant.  She has been involved in all aspects of performance, from acting and voicing to teaching, directing and producing.

She has numerous theatre credits having performed in such productions as Life's A Dream (Camden People's Theatre),Too Tall & Zapper (Scene & Heard), Antigone (Riverside Studios), Stark Raving (BAC),
When Five Years Pass (Chelsea Centre) and Alice Through The Looking Glass (Fox Theatre).  Her film and TV credits include performances in Oscar Nights (TCM Spain), In A Manner Of Speaking, Thingie, Watsit & Dooberry, and Five Day Crush.

Her voice work is very varied, and from a technical standpoint she is familiar with multimedia tree structure, lip-sync, Phrase-sync, time code and pro-tools.  Her experience ranges from commercials for Golden Olive (
Ireland), Lynx (UK) and Sony Playstation's Mentalwealth (Spain), to TV promos for Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies.

She has also recorded numerous corporates for Turner Broadcasting (
Spain), the Post Office and Max Factor, as well as a number of educational recordings for Oxford University Press (e.g. 'Take Off In Spanish') and the BBC (e.g. 'The Ozmo Show').

Her game recordings include those for
Syphon Filter, Spyro 2, Colony Wars I & II,Driver 2, PacMan World, Carmageddon TDR 2000, Crash Team and Imperium Galactica 2.