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Reinhard Michaels


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GERMAN. Good all-rounder actor & VO.

Reinhard has been acting in both Germany and England - on stage, TV, film, and radio.  Besides his native 'Hochdeutsch', Reinhard also has Bavarian and Austrian accents.

As an all-rounder he sang, danced and acted as a lead on Broadway (NYC) in Cats, West Side Story, Sweet Charity, The Music Man, Chorus Line and Cabaret, and he's danced across
Germany, Austria and Switzerland for TV shows such as Top Of The Pops and the Eurovision song contest.  On TV he's also appeared on Two Birds Of A Feather, Cold Feet and Mosley.  He's worked with the likes of Bob Fosse, Trevor Nunn and Anthony Mingella.

His voice work is equally varied, including commercials for Hertz (TV, radio & internet), Mercedes, Johnny Walker (TV, online & cinema), Guinness, Vienetta ice cream, Polaroid, Levi's, SAS and Lego, promos for Disney, narrations for the Tank Museum, and corporate pieces for BT, Ford (Sat-Nav voice), Anderson Consulting and Marks & Spencer.

He's voiced characters for Star Wars merchandising, game voices for Sega's Tom Cat Alley, and ADR/dubbing for The English Patient, Immortal Beloved and Tea With Mussolini.  In addition he's recorded for promos, narrations and characters for The Incredible Hulk (Sci-Fi Channel), and further narration for Metaxa, Wahre Liebe and Die Schnueffler (14 episodes -
BBC Radio).

Outside of all this, Reinhard is a health and fitness enthusiast, and a total pro with Pilates!  He runs two pilates studios, in
London's Holland Park and Little Venice.